Our Process

Like that of our parent company Strategic M&A Advisors, LLC, we walk our clients through a proven 5-step process designed to maximize business value.  Following are those proven steps:

Step 1:  Consultation / Evaluation

Our process begins with a simple, no cost or obligation conversation with the business owner. The goals of the initial conversation are for Broadstreet to learn about the business and for the business owner to learn about the unique process of selling a business for maximum value. Another goal we have for the consultation / evaluation phase of the process is for the parties (Broadstreet and the business owner) to develop a trusting relationship – as we believe trust will form the foundation of the working relationship going forward. Once trust and mutual understanding is established, step 2 is recommended.

Step 2:  Market Value Study

Every business owner has a business valuation goal. Sometimes the market supports that value goal and sometimes it doesn’t. Therefore, before suggesting a full engagement with the client, Broadstreet first conducts a Market Value Study to determine the actual market value for the business. For a small fee, we collect the information needed to determine (within a fairly tight range) the current market value of the business as well as the key value drivers of the specific business. Once the study is completed, the results are shared with the business owner and decisions can then be made about whether to take the next step.

Step 3:  Engagement

Once Broadstreet and the business owner have agreed on mutual goals and expectations for the project at hand, we invite the client to enter in to full engagement with us. We charge a one-time, minimal fee that simply establishes “skin in the game” for both parties. During the engagement phase, Broadstreet creates a detailed Descriptive Report about the client’s business. This report is based on the accumulation of various objective materials and conversations with the owner and management about the history and future opportunities of the business. Once the Descriptive Report is finalized and approved by the business owner, we create a Blind Profile to be aggressively marketed.

Step 4:  Marketing

The marketplace for a given business should not be limited to a given geographic region or buyer stereotype. Therefore, before going to market, Broadstreet’s extensive market research identifies the likely Strategic and Financial buyer candidates for our client’s business for sale. The resulting marketplace of buyers for a given business often consists of hundreds of potential Strategic and Financial buyers on a national, and sometime global scale. Once the marketing strategy is identified and in place, Broadstreet executes that strategy by submitting the Blind Profile to the market. Then, interested and qualified buyers request the full Descriptive Report, which we provide in exchange for a fully executed, legally binding Non-Disclosure Agreement.

Step 5:  Negotiation & Sale

Our process normally results in multiple interested and qualified buyer prospects, each rallying for a given opportunity at the same time – resulting in maximum value for our client.  Broadstreet fields questions from interested buyer candidates with the goal of maximizing market interest level while, at the same time, minimizing client time requirements.  Once Broadstreet equips the qualified buyer candidates with the information needed to proceed forward with an offer, Letters of Intent (LOIs) are provided to Broadstreet by the qualified buyer candidates.  After those LOIs are reviewed, the business owner accepts the offer that best suits his/her goals and objectives.

Once the business owner accepts an LOI, Broadstreet works closely with the business owner, the buyer, the lawyers and the CPAs during the due diligence phase to facilitate the flow of information – leading to the successful closing of the partial or total business sale.

The End Result

The challenge of selling a business for maximum value requires an incredibly high level of business understanding and experience. It also requires a committed; disciplined process and proven track record. Broadstreet’s process, driven by our team of experts, delivers on all fronts.  Let us put our process and team to work for you.