About Us

A wholly owned subsidiary of Strategic M&A Advisors, LLC, Broadstreet Business Brokers, LLC (Broadstreet) was formed in order to bring the high-quality process of lower-middle and middle market M&A to Mainstreet Business Owners in the southeastern United States.  Our team consists of J.D.s, MBAs, CPAs, and experienced business leaders.  Our credentials, background, and proven track record translate to accomplished goals for our clients.

Our Purpose

Our sole purpose at Broadstreet is to provide Mainstreet Business Owners (revenues less than $5,000,000) with the highest-quality sell-side business brokerage services in the industry, at the lowest possible cost.  Simply stated, we sell Mainstreet Businesses for absolute Top Dollar (total or partial sales) so that the business owner can, in turn, realize his or her goals of retirement or accelerated business growth.  Our fees are in line or below those of other business brokerage firms; a reality made possible by the success of both Broadstreet and our parent company.


Business owners work their entire lives to build value and wealth.  The decision to sell a business is the most important decision a business owner will ever make.  Equally as important is the business owner’s choice of a sell-side business broker.  A poor choice could produce devastating consequences, but a sound choice could mean the achievement of better-than-expected goals.  Sell-side business brokerage is what we do.  You’ve worked hard to build your business.  You should demand excellence in your sell-side business broker.

No Cost or Obligation Consultation

Most business owners do not have a well-structured exit plan.  In fact, many business owners don’t know the value of their businesses and simply wait for a buyer to call on them and make an offer.  The value of your business is identifiable.  The market place of buyers, if leveraged properly, will yield maximum business value at the time of sale.  But in order for that to happen, the conversation must first begin. We invite you to contact us for a no-obligation consultation of your business and growth or exit strategy plans for the future.  There is no cost or obligation associated with our initial consultation.